Have you ever seen a billboard that either made you laugh or ask yourself what in the world? Well if you haven’t, here’s 30 funny billboards that will.

In our rapidly changing world with regards to advertising choices for your new service or product, one thing becomes abundantly clear – There is one method which has proven itself again and again and is not affected by the new media or internet. It is outdoor billboard advertising.

It is so appealing and successful in fact, that in 2007, American businesses spend over five and a half Billion Dollars on this type of advertisement alone. Along with advances in printing technology the ads have become better, quicker and cheaper. Outdoor billboard advertising provides the business owner with the most ‘bang for the buck’, an essential factor in today’s economy that causes all of us to rethink our expenses.

Billboards Grab Attention. It’s a passive experience that doesn’t require the potential customer to be active. It is available in front of him as he passes by on his daily routine. Usually it’s a welcome distraction from a dreary commute. A nicely designed, well placed outdoor billboard advertising can get thousands of views per hour.

The advertisement is there to be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. How many other medium can offer that kind of availability? Not television, with 30 second ads, if they are viewed at all and not zapped by Tivo, nor a newspaper or magazine ad that gets read once. It reaches thousands of people every day, and it can be geared to certain population by strategic locations. When an outdoor billboard advertising is used correctly the ad is delivered frequently and on a continuing basis.

Outdoor billboard advertising your service or product is there for a long period of time. Repeated viewing creates familiarity with the brand. Traffic gridlocks in the world’s biggest cities makes for repeated viewing by thousands of people per day.

You would be pleasantly surprised if you thought that the price of putting up billboard advertising is prohibitive. The cost of putting up 10 outdoor billboards, for a month, is going to be equal – or less – to running a full page ad in a major newspaper, one single time. Which will be more affective and viewed by more people?

During the past billboard advertisements were hand painted and attached to a frame. It required a crane to put them up. Today’s computer technology enables the ads to be designed and printed on poster-board or vinyl paper and glued to the billboard frame. The result is an excellent quality, vivid colors as well as a superior advertisement.

By choosing outdoor billboard advertising as your advertising method, you are getting the most cost effective, high-impact technology currently available.


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